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Mr. Danny Ngai Khiam Hoong and Mr. Jack Ngai Chee Hung, the cousin brothers who are the founders and recently the owners of the Hakka bak kut teh and recipe restaurant the “Restoran Yi Xin Bak Kut Teh” now located at the Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara.

Mr. Jack Ngai who formerly a 20 years experienced personal in jewellery industry running over Malaysia and Singapore market found the future exploresure restrictions in the industry and who have great interest in eatery wishing to entered into food and beverage industry finally with the joined partnership with his cousin brother in the year 2009 established his very own 1st restaurant career at Kuala Lumpur after quit the jewellery industry.

While Mr. Danny Ngai who also formerly a professional personal in jewellery industry since year 1989 at his age of 28 years old spent up to 10 years in the career.  Danny who also have great interest in f&b industry and enterpreneurship quit the jewellery career in year 1998.  Afterwards stepped into the food industry in the year 1998 established his ‘Wantan Mee’ food stall in ‘Ming Chu Restoran’ at Balakong for period of 8 years.  Later, he further esposed his career in ‘Big Tree Restoran’ in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur toward year 2008 before established their hakka bak kut teh restaurant in Kota Damansara in the year of 2009.

For sure, their own hakka recipe in bak kut teh will be the most recommended in the restaurant.  Mixed with ‘Teo Chew’ style bak kut teh makes their bak kut teh more helthy to eat nowadays to suit the locals demand with low chelosterol.  To present full healthy herbal soup base, ‘tong gui’, ‘yuk chuk’, ‘gei chi’, and ‘yong sam sou’ to be their main herbal used in more than 1 hour boiled bak kut teh soup base.


















Others, they also created their very own home made recipe ‘stewed kerapu fish head’ which taste with slight spicy and sour will be the most wanted by their visitors.  Fresh Kerapu fish head stewed mixed with their own sauce recipe brings the perfect match.  In promoting traditional hakka dish, they also serving the 100% ‘hakka stewed pork knuckle’ which also the top selling in the restaurant.  Other than meat and pork, their ‘sour & spicy vege’ is the most likes especially by their female regular customers.



Location: No. 5-1, Jalan PJU 5/6,

Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara,

47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Business Hours: 9:30am to 3:30pm

5:30pm to 10:00pm (Daily)







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