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Malaysiabest.my the electronic media (e-media) is wholly owned by MBest Media (002142005-P). MBest Media (002142005-P) personnel is fully operating the management and running relevant jobs to recognize, visiting, interviewing and finally publishing in facts every single relatives client’s (enterpreneur’s business stories & natures) within Malaysia to the public under agreed and awared conditions on behalfed

The great missions of this electronic media (e-media) site are:-

1.  To recognise and publish the best foods & beverages available locally to the local

2.  To interview the relevant recognised local restaurant’s recommended foods &
beverages and history for publishment in order to promote the attractive f&b parts
and the historical restaurant & eatery to the visitors and tourists in encouraging
local tourism industry.

3.  To recognise and publish the best services available locally especially in beauty &
fashion industry to the local public.

4.  To interview the relevant recognised local service’s provider or company for
publishment in facts to the locals, visitors and tourists to encouraging and promoting
our local’s excellent services industry to the world’s awareness.

5.  To success the vission as an local online electronic media (e-media) and content
provider via our registered media site www.malaysiabest.my which wholly owned by
the MBest Media to bring more relative informations mentioned above to the locals
Malaysian and also to visitors and tourists about our country’s best parts.  Also to
take part assisting local industry growth and promoting our local tourism industry.

Our Malaysiabest.my reporter team is handling by our chief Reporter Mr Goh Ting Chee( Jonathan Goh), Mr Goh has 10 years experience  in Food and Beverage field

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