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“Pork Tripe Chicken Pot” is a kind of Chinese traditional eatery which believed that originated from Hakka religion in China since decade ago, being now a favourite eatery like by the locals here practised on respective recipes in restaurants on our nation. Here in the north, we successfully found and being recognised among the best Pork Tripe Chicken Pot specialist “GuoHuang” running in the State of Perak. Having great positive response from the market recently.

Both the northern originated Mr. Lo Soon Haw (Penang, born 1974) and his partner Mr. Lee Chaw Hann (Ipoh, born 1987), both were the initial founders and also the immediate owners of this recommended chinese cuisine eating house “Lao Wang Hotpot” or commonly known “GuoHuang” introducing their very home recipe on Pork Tripe Chicken Pot and other signature menus to the locals & visitors in manner having outlets in Sitiawan and Taiping, Perak.

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Lo Soon Haw and Lee Chaw Hann, both are friends who all the while having great interest in eatery. And also having vision to have their very own restaurant in state, added with foreseeing the market opportunity in f&b industry allowed them to bodied-up in year 2017 stayed a year to self-studies on the menus especially their signature Pork Tripe Chicken Pot. Then in year 2018 successfully established their very first owned home-cooked cuisine eating house officially named “Lao Wang Hotpot Restaurant” (GuoHuang) in Sitiawan, later-on another outlet in Taiping, Perak to further their exposure in the industry.

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In GuoHuang hotpot & steamboat restaurant, the owners’ very first top recommended in menus surely will be their most signature “Pork Tripe Stew Chicken Pot” which most wanted by the visitors. In-house soup base boiled 24 hours with pork & chicken bones, chinese herbals mixture and into black pepper, then home-cooked mixed into fresh pork tripes (stomach) and local feeded free-range chicken, finally served boiled in claypot brings excellent soup tasty freshness swallowed into mouth you must try when reached Sitiawan or Taiping in Perak. Especially the pork tripe’s and chicken meat’s bites texture itself neither found better elsewhere in town.

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Other than their Signature Pot, the “Tricholoma Matsutake Pork Tripe Stew Chicken Pot” also among the restaurant’s daily top seller favourite by their regular customers recently. Their in-house whole day long boiled soup base mixed into secret recipes mixture, selected quality matsutake (a type of fungus), cutted pieces of free-range chicken and pork tripes, then finally served boiled in claypot will brings another wonderful obvious exotic herbal and mushroom sweetness taste into mouth you really never regret after tasted here.

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Taking their selected hotpot in GuoHuang, you may have been served also with Steamboat Cuisine on customer’s request which sided with nearly about hundred of steamboat foods option in categories of such seafoods, fresh meats, homemade meat balls choices, mushrooms & vegetables, beancurds selection and noodles type that brings perfect matching sided with a hotpot/claypot on their menus you really cannot aside here.

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Nonetheless, the owners also emphasising not only their foods options and selections or delicious taste that you need to try. But also serving all their dishes or menus on keeping the freshness and recipes to bring the best healthy eatery combination in their restaurants in order to meet their main vision in bringing the ‘Best Healthy to Customers’ as their first place made you really cannot missed when stepped towards this best recognised eating house “Lao Wang Hotpot Restaurant” (GuoHuang) either at Taiping or Sitiawan in the state of Perak.




Address: (Sitiawan)

No. 1,

Taman Lekir Baru,

32000 Sitiawan,




No. 43,

Susur Simpang,

34700 Simpang,


Business Hours: 11:30am to 11:00pm (Daily)



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