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One of the Chinese’s authentic traditional eatery “Wantan Noodles” or formerly known as “Tok-Tok Mee” practised since thousand years ago originated from China, still favourites and frequently taken by the Malaysian locals nowadays.  Here in Segamat, Johor we found and being recognised one of the best oldest 3-generation Chong family wantan noodles recipe since 1960s, famously known “Yik Kee Wan Tan Noodles” still on ground in the town district.

The local Segamat originated Mr. Chong Kam Haur who born in year 1969, also the family 3rd generation, together with wife Ms. Teo Bee Lan (born 1970) both are the recent owners of the well known “Yik Kee Wan Tan Mee” noodle house in Segamat still serving their homemade wantan noodles recipe to the locals and visitors under a roof.  Also being recommended as the best noodle house in town years 2015.

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The founder late Mr. Chong Yik, who also Kam Haur’s grandfather, initially began his noodle stall in Segamat oldtownship in 1960s named “Chong Yik Kee”, selling his handmade egg noodles soup with pork dumpling (wantan), then later-on into 2nd generation running by sons.

Kam Haur’s father late Mr. Chong Pak Leong (1933-2008), was the 2nd generation who touched the career since kids helping father (Chong Yik) in their noodle stall, established his very owned noodle house in year 1987 named “Yik Kee” along Jalan Pee Kang Hai, Segamat continued father’s chong family wantan noodles recipe further the exposure in the industry, assisted by son Kam Haur in the early stage.  Then passed onto generation recipe to Kam Haur’s hand after a year in 1988, took over the responsibility to expose family career officially registered as “Yik Kee Wan Tan Mee”, running untill recent on the same location.

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Talking about Chong’s family generation noodles, their homemade recipe egg noodles which in options of fine round and flat still available in the noodle house today to be served in Dry Kon Lou or Soup.  Wan Tan Soup Noodles, which started from founder Chong Yik in 1960s, still the favourites by the locals in “Yik Kee”.  Soup base boiled hours with yellow beans, ikan bilis and pork bones, then prepared insided with their boiled homemade egg noodles selection, served topped with home recipe charcoal roasted pork (char siew) and pork dumpling (wantan) you must have a try when reached Segamat, Johor.

Secondly will be their Signature Dry Kon Lou Wantan Noodles, which on Kam Hour’s recipe most wanted by visitors recently.  Home sauce mixtures from soy sauce, sesame oil and onions oil, mixed with their homemade egg noodles, and served topped with an hour home roast char siew and boiled wantan favourites by the current generation you cannot aside.  The noodle bites texture itself and the kon lou exotic taste into mouth you will never found elsewhere better in town other than “Yik Kee”.


Commonly, you can see most of the visitors will order extra bowl of their Wantan Soup sided with their noodles as side dish to complete their set of “Yik Kee” wantan mee.  Fresh local pork prepared in minced meat, marinated with their simple few home recipe ingredients, then hand-wrapped into flour-made wrapper and served in home soup base brings authentic taste and best meat’s texture.  Its really the best authentic traditional eatery you will never regret after taken.

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Moreover, the recent owner cum 3rd generation, Kam Haur also take the opportunity to introduce his later famous Kon Lou Pork Dumpling or known “Black Wantan” which served mixed with his home recipe kon lou sauce.  Also the noodle house’s top seller currently you cannot missed when stepped into this half decade 50 years Chong family recipe “Yik Kee Wan Tan Mee” in Segamat, Johor.



Address: No. 259,

Jalan Pee Kang Hai,

Kampung Abdullah,

85000 Segamat,



Business Hours: 10:00am to 4:30pm (Daily)


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