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“Bittergourd Soup / Noodle”, being recently favourite by our nation’s locals believed that brings healthy eatery, and frequently practiced by lots of noodle houses all presenting on respective home recipes. Here at Taman Gembira, Kuala Lumpur we have found and successfully recognised among the best Bittergourd Noodles carried by “Kakaq Little Kitchen”, having great response from the market in fact.

The local originated Ms. Ong Mei Hong (born 1971), was the initial founder, together with her partners Ms. Ng Yee Meng (born 1981) and Mr. Ting Le Vern (born 1994) are the current owners of this recommended noodle house “Kakaq Little Kitchen” at Happy Garden introducing their home recipe bittergourd soup noodles with handmade pork paste ball, homemade curry mee, signature nasi lemak, pan mee, dessert soup etc to the public under a roof since year 2017.

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Ms. Ong Mei Hong who only at her 47th of age currently, all the while having great interest in chefing & eatery been initially stepped into the f&b industry since her 14th in year 1985 under-employed helping in a curry mee stall spent years in the field. In year 1990s, Mei Hong running her very 1st owned noodle stall at Ulu Yam serving her curry mee recipe to the public for more than 10 years there.

With the vision to have her own eating house, foreseen the market opportunity in the f&b industry, added with mission to further her exposure in the field allowed Mei Hong, together with her husband, in year 2014 successfully established their “Restoran New Lian Hin” at Taman Gembira, Kuala Lumpur serving her home recipe curry mee and roasted mixed. Later-on bodied-up with Yee Meng and Le Vern began their noodle house named “Kakaq Little Kitchen” after 3 years in 2017 introducing their signature bittergourd soup noodles, curry mee, nasi lemak and other menus to the locals and visitors in manner.

In Kakaq Little Kitchen, the owners’ first top recommended in menus surely will be their “Bittergourd Soup Noodles with Handmade Pork Paste Ball”. Home soup base boiled for few hours with pork bones, soy beans & ikan bilis, cooked with noodles with mixed into their handmade pork paste ball (made from pork & fish mixtures), fine sliced bittergourd, then served topped with deep-fried onions shredded brings the best healthy eatery you must try when reached Kuala Lumpur. Especially the pork paste bites texture itself and the soup freshness when swallowed into mouth.

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Secondly will be their “Signature Kakaq Nasi Lemak”, which carried the Indonesian home recipe favourites by their regulars recently. Coconut milk rice boiled in-house, served with either their recommended home recipe curry chicken, sambal prawn or fried chicken, also sided with homemade sambal paste which prepared hours from 8 spices mixture, deep-fried crispy ikan bilis, cucumber slices and boiled chicken egg brings a complete set of their delicious “Kakaq Nasi Lemak” which you cannot aside.

Another will be their “Homemade Pan Mee”, which among the noodle house’s daily top seller recently. Home soup base prepared in-house, cooked with hand-teared flour-made noodles (pan mee), mixed into mushroom slices, black fungus shredded, veges, home recipe fried minced pork, then served topped with deep fried crispy ikan bilis & fried onions shredded brings wonderful soup pan mee that you never regret after tasted.

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Of course, the founder Mei Hong also introduced her very authentic home cooked “Curry Mee” which most wanted by their regulars all the while. 3 hours home prepared curry paste made from more than 10 ingredients mixture, boiled into with ikan bilis soup base & poured into slight coconut milk, then cooked with noodles on customer’s option and served topped onto either boiled-chicken or char siew (roasted pork), fresh cockles, beansprouts, pork skin, dried beancurd and long beans brings their very signature Curry Mee that neither found better elsewhere in town.


Nonetheless, other than the above recommended menus, the owners also taken the opportunity to introduce their traditional charcoal “Roasted Mix” selections to the market that all prepared in-house such as roasted pork belly (siew yuk), roasted pork (char siew), roasted chicken and boiled free range chicken which you cannot missed when stepped into this being recognised among the best noodle house “Kakaq Little Kitchen” at Taman Gembira (Happy Garden), Kuala Lumpur.



Address: No. 84,

Jalan Rukun 2,

Taman Gembira,

58200 Kuala Lumpur.


Business Hours: 8:30am to 8:30pm (Daily)

(Closed on Alternate Tuesday)


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