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“Pork Ribs” is commonly frequent taken by the Chinese religious since decades in preparing lots of eateries which favourite even recently. But nowadays also being used to mix-and-match in serving sided with noodles presenting by restaurants on respective recipes. Here in the south, we found and successfully recognised the best home recipe pork ribs noodles brought into the market in Muar, Johor by the specialist “Muar Pai Kut Mee” having great positive response by the public.

The founder Mr. Gan Yeng Uu (born 1965) who originated from Pagoh (Johor), bodied with his son Gan Boon Zhe (born 1994) and friend Teo Yao Cong (born 1994) are the immediate owners of this recommended noodle house “Muar Pai Kut Mee” right in the center of Muar Oldtown introducing their very own homemade noodles with pork ribs menu selections to the locals and visitors since early year 2018.

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Gan Yeng Uu (founder), who also named Wee Min all the while is in Tourism Industry having great interest in eatery and chefing allowed him to touch the kitchen & often cooked various of his home-prepared eateries made him realised his pork ribs noodles which mostly welcomed by his friends & relatives that neither found in the town. Then with the bodied-up with son Boon Zhe and his friend Yao Cong whose also foreseeing the opportunity in the f&b industry allowed them in January year 2018 successfully established their very first and owned specialised noodle house “Muar Pai Kut Mee” with daily operation running by Jerry Lim Hong Jie (born 1994), a best friend of them serving all their founder’s home recipes on pork ribs menus under a roof along Jalan Abdullah, Muar.

In this Muar Pai Kut Mee restaurant, the founder’s very first top recommended in menus will be their “Traditional Pork Ribs Noodles”. Fresh pork ribs selected & prepared in cutted pieces, fried with recipes mixture, steamed for another 40 minutes then followed by about hours braised, finally served onto their in-house homemade flour noodles sided with veges brings an excellent bowl of their traditional braised pork ribs noodles you must try when reached Muar, Johor. Especially the pork ribs bites texture itself and chewing homemade noodles into mouth.

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Secondly will be their “Spicy Pork Ribs Noodles”, which among their best selection for those who like spicy in the house. Local fresh pork ribs fried with salt, then boiled with their home-prepared sauce paste mixed into chillies,  then boiled for about 2 hours and finally served onto their homemade round-rough chewing noodles sided with veges brings wonderful fair spicy taste and texturing pork ribs in bites you cannot aside that neither found elsewhere in town here.

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Another will be their “Signature Laksa Pork Ribs Noodles” which served in soup favourite by their regular local customers. Home recipe laksa paste prepared in-house on 12 ingredients mixture, boiled in soup base then cooked with their spicy pork ribs and homemade noodles mixed with fish cake, dried beancurd and veges or even can topped with fresh sea ‘Ming Prawn’ as option on customer’s request brings unbelievable exotic laksa soup smoothness and tasty swallowed into mouth you will never regret after tasted their laksa here.

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Other than noodles serving, the founder also introduced their very signature “Pork Ribs Steak” with combination of chinese & western cuisines which among the restaurant’s daily best seller recently. Whole ribs portion selected, steamed & cooked in recipes for hours, then charcoal roasted for another 10 minutes and finally served coated with delicious roasted sauce paste sides with veges salad, tomatoes, potato wedges & lime slices brings complete set of their pork ribs steak only in town. And also their best rice menu, the “Braised Pork Rice” on founder Wee Min’s home recipe you really cannot missed when stepped into this 2-storeys noodle house “Muar Pai Kut Mee” restaurant along Jalan Abdullah, Muar (Johor).



Address: No. 121,

Jalan Abdullah,

84000 Muar,



Business Hours: 12:00pm to 9:00pm (Daily)

(Closed on Tuesday)


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